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July 24, 2008


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Hey I had a signal:) Blackjack user here but the signal reception in the basement that is called Smartbar is a mote point since twitter was down for almost the whole duration of the Digg Meetup.


Good point, Matt! But even using the DM function via text messaging was out...'twas only a small point, but something I wanted to relay on the post on behalf of the crew there.

Matt M.

Too bad there weren't name tags, I'd like to know who was talkin smack on the D. That kind of shit is unacceptable. Keep me on the list for the karaoke meetup, I know the whle Neil Diamond cannon by heart.


Awesome write up! If they do a Detroit event we should see if some Chicago folk want to rent a party bus and head up there.

Similar to your Ms. Rude experience, I had a strange moment too. A super pretty girl was in the bathroom all upset because she got turned down by Kevin Rose. I felt kind of bad for her. She had a friend there who was trying to console her and I tried to make her feel better by telling her the rumors of Kevin Rose being a player in the past and the rumors that he has a girlfriend now. But it was just one of many very random moments from the night.

Mr. Smith

Weird, I had perfect reception the whole time. (I'm on Verizon with a Q.)

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